Bespoke solutions for non-domestic settings

Commercial staircases

Over the years, we have created many staircases for a wide range of different homes, and more recently, bespoke solutions for non-domestic settings, such as churches, retail stores and historic buildings.

The same dedication to detail applies and if the building is of listed status, we can help you to overcome the challenges that may arise with planning and construction.

For instance, we undertook a special project to create a staircase in a church which needed to be in keeping with the architecture and allowed easy access to the bell ringing balcony. Working closely with the Parochial Church Council, we produced a design which was sympathetic to the existing interior and met all health and safety requirements for a public space.

Other commissions have been to design, build and install exterior staircases to access signal boxes at rural railway stations, ensuring they met all safety and weather considerations. These have included listed buildings where we have replicated the original features of the staircase to match the architectural style.

So whether it’s a contemporary independent store, a historical building or an outdoor setting, our staircases not only provide a practical solution, but also enhance their environment for many years to come.